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Read Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children

Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) is the culprit behind this massive "behind the closed doors" education that pushed the propaganda of white privilege for over 35 years. 

Peggy McIntosh from Wellesley College is the author of the SEED program. People are "brainwashed" behind closed doors to compromise their beliefs in exchange for love and acceptance of the group.

This book is an amazing compiling of the facts of this deceptive education, the movements that led to its acceptance, and how America was taken over through well planned methodology in the last 75 years.

Read White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of The Century

The Hoax of the Century is brilliant. People bought the lie. Worse yet is that school districts have a closed door policy. No one knows what is taught  behind them.  Georgiana's detective spirit found the truth of SEED education in California School Districts and

world wide.

Ed sessions  were off limits for Georgiana. Through proper channels, Georgiana found the class curriculum. One class  taught teachers how to incorporate SEED principles into all their curriculum. Here was the answer. Deceptive education  in the classrooms by brainwashed teachers behind closed doors.

It is chilling. Now the nation believes a hoax. The education is boldly presented as truth. Read the FACTS, not FICTION, about anti-American education by SEED's tools of change. One woman was able to sway a nation into believing a hoax that now is the basis of diversity education worldwide.. 

The Wheel of Oppression plots the oppressors (white, male, rich, heterosexual, able-bodied, Christian) against the oppressed (people of color, female, poor, homosexual, disabled, and non-Christian) with the result of chaos. This is a Marxist tool used for


 America has fallen into its web of deceit. Follow SEED propaganda and you are promised a utopia, via socialism and communism, once the  oppressors  are gotten rid of. 

 But communism takes everything away:

 property, family, and God. Socialism shares everything.

The result is an individual with nothing and the ruling elite with everything. WISE UP AMERICA. You are being abused. Don't see the world through oppression glasses.

Read Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure

Diversity must be true to its purpose. Martin Luther King did not want separation. Classifications are illegal; yet white privilege education continues and is discrimination. Read the horrors of what children are learning today across America. 

White Privilege and Wheel of Oppression propaganda is the cause of marches gone crazy, destruction of public property, physical attacks on those who disagree verbally with white privilege lies, the bullying of the President and his family, and distortion of the truth.

There is anger and hatred from the very groups who espouse love and tolerance. Georgiana has been bullied as well as others who believe as she does. The fictional theory of  white privilege has progressed from

 discrimination to persecution. We must cancel the Cancel Culture.  

SAY STOP to brainwashing, victimization, anger, and destruction of America. America is not the bad guy. The lie of oppression offers entitlement thinking as a solution to a pretend problem. Join THE  STOP MOVEMENT!  Do not be a victim of this hoax.  The STOP MOVEMENT works. And it's easy! Read:

STOP the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law.

All of Georgiana Preskar's books are available at on line bookstores. Amazon has kindle and two day prime service. No meetings, no fund raising, just easy reading from your comfortable chair on how you can be an activist and 


If you believe this hoax you are a Victim!  Your life will forever be in darkness of oppression thinking. Get out of it and get on with success! God's authority, natural law, and the Constitution offer you freedom.



Order them now. Be a leader. Sponsor a conference. Soon to be education classes on You Tube so you can learn the material necessary to restore America's sanity. 






Available at Amazon and other on line bookstores

1. Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children

2. Diversity Addiction: The Cause and The Cure

3. White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of The Century

4. Stop the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law

Author Georgiana Preskar


        Interested in White Privilege education ? The end of the book

White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression: The Hoax of the Century  has chapter questions all ready for you to use for in home or other educational facilities. 

       * We have 20 other education programs available

 for you if interested in coming

to Eagle Eye Education

 Center. Hopefully soon we will have an education manual with these classes to give  you direction. 


The Stop Movement is a program designed to be used everyday in interactions with other people. Learn how to get an attitude of mental control. Stop short of long and useless debates with those already compromised. But do leave them with a few statements of truth.

* Don't get sucked in by brainwashing and buy into  phony love.   Short quick truthful statements of truth are fun to learn.

Stop the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law  has all the short quick answers.


Future blogs coming to this website on White Privilege and its effect upon America. Say STOP to this nonsense.

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