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       It  does not go away by the way; that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch America turn its back on right and wrong. Ever since I discovered the SEED program and White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression, it became a part of my life. 

Yes it's 13 years later, but it bothers me even more. I know why people get taken in, yet somehow the tale of only 10% of the people really getting what is happening and 5% only being active, seems truer as the years pass.

Maybe the numbers will come up as time goes by. Maybe there will be a common sense resurrection. I remember when we discovered the SEED  program, we were stunned. Tales of our activism are in my first book.

One incident I remember well.  We wrote  over 100 pastors, priests, and clergymen about the deceptive education of SEED and similar diversity programs. We heard back from one. What could we do but be happy we had one.

 Being that my expertise lies in compromise study and education, it's easy to catch it. But some attack Georgiana as being judgmental. Then she knows they have no clue as to the subject matter. They use love as the reasoning force for their actions.  This is plain old dangerous!

My own group, California Eagle Forum, became victim of compromise, through brainwashing. That was a tough one for me because I became the bad guy when I stood for my work and my stand on what I knew was a compromise on the board's part.

Everyday there is example of how people compromise. In fact conservatives are always apologizing for standing for right and wrong, or being defensive rather than offensive.  People are required to attend sensitivity workshops. These are  propaganda dens. Fear of rejection if one does not compromise rules these sessions. 

The  Wheel of Oppression has done its  job. If people do not compromise they are classified as an oppressor and thus gives others the right to bully them, even though it is the same people fighting bullying throughout America. It could be humorous if it wasn't so


 Hope you will come aboard. Do the right thing. Become active and speak the truth about White Privilege and the Wheel of Oppression hoax.  It is the culprit that splits America. We can STOP it now!

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